Land of Opportunity


For decades, international companies have chosen Luxembourg as their adopted home. Why?

Faced with the challenges of managing operations and servicing customers and vendors throughout the European Union and beyond, companies need a business-friendly environment with cross-border business rooted in its DNA and a history built on trust and a vision extending beyond the horizon.

Dealing with a diverse mix of cultures, languages and legal systems is difficult in the best of times, but Luxembourg brings unique solutions to the table. Political and economic stability make for a predictable operating environment, a culture of dialogue fosters pragmatic cooperation with government entities and a diverse workforce enables firms to recruit locally for global outreach when speaking the customer’s language is critical.

There’s no such thing as a foreign corporation in Luxembourg. Regardless of the nationality or domicile of its shareholders, international businesses are offered a home in Luxembourg and membership in a genuine community. Companies and their founders with an international background enjoy the same support as those with decades-old domestic roots. Whether you’re a start-up or part of a Fortune 500 group, we make your priorities ours and support you in your endeavor to create value, whether at home, across Europe or around the world.

Luxembourg has built a regulatory and tax environment designed to reward investment and entrepreneurship. Throughout our history, we have benefited from agility and flexibility, gaining first-mover advantages thanks to the government’s readiness to react to new trends and developments and listen to the needs of business.

The government works closely with the private sector in a spirit of partnership essential to a small community that shares the goal of creating prosperity. Luxembourg is unique in its concentration of expertise geared to the specific needs of international business. A wide-ranging service industry at hand to provide a wealth of experience is a key factor in our reputation for excellence as a global business hub.

It is often said that Luxembourg “punches above its weight,” to which performance measurements bear witness. Luxembourg leads by example: it’s regularly ranked highly as a leading place to manage customer relationships and operations, optimize financial resource allocation across continents, conduct research and development, and manage intellectual property. Luxembourg’s ‘best in class’ approach to supporting innovation and nurturing new technology delivers not just financial support but networking resources through cluster initiatives with public and private sector players, along with guidance in international markets through high-touch partnership with the country’s diplomatic and trade promotion network around the world.